Repair & Recover

18.5g protein + amino acids

1.5g HMB

turmeric & black pepper extract

50 calories

Trauma on the body like surgery, injury, and intense athletic training, creates a significant toll, causing read more...
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  • Repair & Recover


how to use repair & recover

  • natural sweeteners & flavoring

  • nsf certified for sport

  • gluten-free

  • non-gmo



  • made in the usa

clinically studied ingredients to support long-lasting recovery and healing

fuel your healing process naturally through a scientific lens

  • + Zinc regulates wound healing
    Helps regulate wound healing: membrane repair, oxidative stress, inflammation, immune defense, scarring
  • + Vitamin A
    Assists with skin repair and regeneration during wound healing; supports tissue growth and integrity
  • + Vitamin C
    Necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues
  • + Whey Protein
    Supports an increased metabolic demand by providing additional amino acids necessary for recovery
  • + Leucine
    Accelerates connective tissue repair
  • + Calcium
    Chemical element to build and maintain strong bones and communication between the brain and the body
  • + Vitamin D
    Helps absorb calcium improving bone health. May help bone prevent deterioration from repetitive stress
  • + Glutamine
    Immunonutrient to help body attain a positive nitrogen balance necessary for bone healing post-trauma
  • + Boron
    Nutrient interaction with Vitamin D increases the effectiveness of both nutrients for bone health
  • + Turmeric
    Well studied plant that has been utilized for its infection fighting properties for thousands of years
  • + Bioperine
    Shown in studies to enhance the absorption of Turmeric
  • + Glutamine
    Helps maintain cortisol levels and boost immune cell activity necessary for managing inflammation
  • + Iron
    Supports immune cell proliferation and maturation associated with the specific response to infection
  • + HMB
    Attenuates oxidative stress and leukocyte responses
mend repair and recover - clinically researched

Repair & Recover is a trusted formula backed by science and research

clinically researched ingredients

+ The Importance of Glutamine on Immune System

Glutamine supplementation is beneficial during inflammatory conditions such as infection and injury, as it can enhance the function of stimulated immune cells.

Manage inflammation
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+ The Role of Leucine in Muscle Health

Leucine in an EAA supplement consumed during exercise leads to a greater muscle protein synthesis response during recovery.
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+ Effect of HMB, Vitamin D & Protein on Post-Op Immobilization healing

HMB, Vitamin D and protein supplementation leads to accelerated wound healing, shortened immobilization period, and increased muscle strength post orthopedic operation.

Wound & soft tissue healing
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+ Calcium & Vitamin D Decrease Occurrence of Stress Fractures

Calcium supplementation with vitamin D leads to a 20% lower incidence of stress fractures.
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+ EAA Supplementation Reduces Postoperative Muscle Wasting

Essential Amino Acids supplementation prevents Fat Free Mass loss in the acute postoperative phase.
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Where can I buy Repair & Recover?

Repair & Recover is available through your doctor or surgeon, or can be purchased online directly from our website or via Amazon.

Can you ship to my country?

Yes, mend™ is shipped worldwide. Please be aware of your country’s policy for importing dietary supplements and that additional taxes and tariffs may be applied by your country.

What flavors are available?

Repair & Recover is available in citrus flavor.

Is Repair & Recover safe to be taken before surgery?

Repair & Recover contains only well-studied, well-tolerated nutrients that are safe and may be taken before and after surgery. It is always advisable to check with your doctor before taking any dietary supplements.†

Does Repair & Recover contain natural flavors and sweeteners?

Repair & Recover contains 100% natural flavors and sweeteners, and is non-GMO and Gluten free

Is Repair & Recover proven to work?

All of the nutrients in Repair & Recover were selected based on the science and evidence supporting their efficacy. We now have more than 3 years of patient data and numerous testimonials suggesting that mend™ is efficacious.†

How is Repair & Recover different than MEND Orthopedic?

MEND Repair & Recover is our enhanced, “next generation” formulation of MEND Orthopedic. Compared to MEND Orthopedic, MEND Repair & Recover now has the following enhancements:
• Improved taste
• More protein to support repair and recovery
• Higher curcumin concentration turmeric to maintain support of immune response
• Increased micronutrient bioavailability

How is Repair & Recover taken?

We recommend that you blend Repair & Recover into a smoothie to help aid absorption of nutrients. There are a number of smoothie recipes provided on our website.  Watch our instructional video on how to take Repair & Recover.

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