"The #1 question I get from my patients is what can I do to enhance my recovery from joint replacement surgery. I tell them Mend.”

Dr Paul Jacob, DO

Orthopedic Surgeon
Oklahoma Joint Reconstruction Institute

Pre & Post Surgery Bundle

1 x Repair & Recover

2 x Joint Replacement

2 x Regenerate

2 x Perform

For getting your body nutritionally optimized before surgery.
2x Cocoa2x Vanilla1x Cocoa 1x Vanilla
$409.50 $455.00
  • Pre & Post Surgery Bundle
  • Pre & Post Surgery Bundle
  • Pre & Post Surgery Bundle
  • Pre & Post Surgery Bundle
  • Pre & Post Surgery Bundle
  • Pre & Post Surgery Bundle
  • Pre & Post Surgery Bundle

Surgery Prep

Surprisingly 80% of hospital patients are undernourished

1x Repair & Recover (Recommended: 5 weeks through 1 week before surgery)

Research has shown, that getting your body nutritionally optimized before surgery can have a significant impact on supporting the body’s ability to heal, recover, and may even help reduce complications after your surgery.

During Surgery

Feeding your body vital nutrients during repair

2x Joint Replacement (Recommended: 1 week prior to surgery through 2 weeks post-surgery)

Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) have been shown, in multiple double-blind placebo trials, to help preserve muscle during the “inactive phase” following surgery. This gives you a stronger baseline to recover and enhance your return to function and mobility.

Post Surgery

Building strength and vitality

2x Perform 2x Regenerate (Recommended: 3 weeks through 2 months post-surgery)

The body is in a constant state of breakdown and repair. Adding MEND Regenerate to a daily rountine will ensure that you're getting some of the key nutrients needed to support muscle health, improve strength and support energy and vitality.

On-going Nutrition

Optional but recommended: daily wellness

Perform, Regenerate or Control

Studies indicate that almost half of all Americans suffer from at least one chronic condition and the number is growing. When appropriate, use one of mend’s daily nutrition products (Perform, Regenerate or Control) to set yourself up for long term optimal health. Visit mend.me to learn more about which daily nutrition product is right for you.


Why do I need nutrition or supplements as I prepare for surgery?

A successful surgery isn’t just about what happens on the operating table. It takes a healthy functioning body to support optimal recovery from total joint surgery. Simple steps can be taken before surgery to prepare your body so that it is in the best state possible to rehab and recover. After surgery, additional steps should be taken to support your body’s own internal recovery systems and to ensure that you are back to your normal life.

Why do I need multiple products to help me prepare and recover from surgery?

mend™ has worked with your surgeon and physician to make sure you are supported with the right nutrition for surgery. Each of the products in the Nutrition Journey Bundle is designed for each phase of surgery preparation and recovery from surgery. This bundle and set of products will ensure that your healing is strong, fast, and sustainable.

There are a lot of products here, what do I start with and how much do I take?

- Repair & Recover, recommended 5 weeks prior to surgery, 1 serving per day in a smoothie or cold beverage

- Joint Replacement, recommended 1 week prior to surgery and 2 weeks post-surgery, 2 servings per day in a smoothie or a cold beverage

- Regenerate, recommended for continued use after you complete Joint Replacement, 1 serving at least 5x per week in a smoothie or cold beverage

- Perform, recommended for continued use after you complete Joint Replacement, 2 tablets daily

Always consult with your physician on your timeline for surgery and if you have specific questions about how to prepare for surgery. You can also reach out to support@mend.me if you have questions about any of the mend™ nutrition products.

Is mend™ proven to work?

All of the nutrients in mend products were selected based on the science and evidence supporting their efficacy. Each product helps with preparing for surgery, healing from surgery, and improving health span. You can find the science behind mend here: https://mend.me/our-science/

I have more questions, who can I ask?

Please reach out to support@mend.me and our team will get back to you with in 24 hours!

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